2/11 Ryuichi Sakamoto

Performance sponsored by Giorgio Armani
Presented by the World Financial Center
Arts & Events Program,
in association with KAB America, Inc.

February 11, 1998
World Financial Center Winter Garden, New York City


8:00 PM Ryuichi Sakamoto and DJ Spooky
8:45 PM Sakamoto, DJ Spooky joined by orchestra (featuring the Electra String Quartet) and avant-jazz guitarist David Torn to perform "Untitled 01"

Cybercast Live on Classical Insites and SiteSakamoto Simulcast on WNYC FM, New York City

As part of the "Reinventions" series, inspired by the ongoing exhibit "Mechanical Marvels: Invention in the Age of Leonardo", this special performance commemorates the continuation of the Age Of Invention into the 21st century. The latest in Internet technology enables an audience around the world to participate directly in the live performance.

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Around the world, you can enjoy the performance via the Internet live on your computer, via RealAudio, RealVideo or Netshow.

Remote Applause
Creator: Naozumi Takenaka =link to bio=
This feature allows the Internet audience to applaud by pressing the "D" key on their computer keyboard, resulting in thousands of tiny "D"'s appearing on the large screens behind the stage, in real time.

Creator: Kouichirou Eto =link to bio=
The Internet audience will be able to "play" the piano (Remote Piano),live onstage at the Winter Garden,via their web browser. DJ Spooky and Ryuichi Sakamoto open the show as opening act and any user will be able to offer their own piano performances in an interactive "session" with them. With your mouse, create a simple musical pattern, press "send",and the signal will be carried to the venue via the Internet,and will play Sakamoto's Yamaha MIDI piano. These special features demonstrate the Internet's true strength as a two-way medium, and further Sakamoto's desire to tear down musical, technological and social boundaries.

Realtime Computer Graphics

Real-time computer graphics are generated through Silicon Graphics workstations for Remote Applause, Remote Piano, and the computer graphics that appear on screen.

Visual Director

Those familiar with the legendary Sakamoto liveshows will recognize the name of visual artist Daizaburo Harada, whose incredible graphics and video visuals will provide a spectacular accompaniment to the aurally-stunning "Untitled 01".


For those wishing to attend the performance-- a limited number of tickets will be available free of charge at the WFC Winter Garden North Bridge on the day of the performance only from 4-7pm. Admission to the performance will be closed promptly at 8 PM, and there will be no admission after that point.