In addition to the live Internet broadcast of the concert,we will be conducting an experiment called "Remote Piano." Through the Internet, an unlimited number of users will be able to offer their own piano performances, in an interactive "session."

Remote Piano will comprise the opening section of the February 11th concert. Remote Piano performances sent through the Internet will be broadcast on stage, where Ryuchi Sakamoto and DJ Spooky will "collaborate" with the Remote Piano pieces.

Click on the link below for instructions on how to operate Remote Piano.


[Remote Piano will be available from 8-8:45pm(New York time) on February 11th]

The New York performance will be different from previous performances of MPIXIPM in that Remote Piano will be incorporated into the opening section of the Feb. 11 performance. Please take note.

[RemotePiano will be active from midnight of the night before the concert (midnight of 2/10 until the morning of 2/11) For those planning to participate, use this time to practice using Remote Piano, so you are prepared for the actual live performance.]

Following the conclusion of each composition, use Remote Applause to send your "applause" during the real performance.

Creator, Remote Piano