This feature allows the Internet audience to applaud by pressing the "d" key on their computer keyboard, resulting in thousands of tiny "d"'s appearing on the large screens behind the stage, in real time.

What you need to know
"RemoteApplause" is the interface that enables the net audience to applaud live via the Internet. This technology allows the audience to participate directly in the live performance.

With programs like RealVideo, the net audience has not been able to express their reactions to a live performance.

For example, with Real Video, it is impossible for the remote users to express their feelings(ie: screaming, clapping, jumping up and down) because the performance is sent to them by clear streaming video and the streaming system is completely passive.

This is a frustrating experience for both the (net) audience and the performers.
RemoteApplause is the solution to change this negative situation, the perfect means to end this predicament.


On the day of the show (2/11 EST) you can jump to the RemoteApplause access page from a link posted on this page. Begin, by following the link.

A Java Applet will be embeded into the "page". Once the load completes smoothly, the letter "d" will appear within the frame. Move your mouse over to this area, click on the letter "d" once for getting the applet to focus and hit the "d" key once. The letter "d" will rotate. (If the mouse cursor is outside of the outlined field, the applet can not register (recognize) the key(so, please, be careful!). Hitting the key once, means that you clap your hands once. The more you hit the key, it means that you are "clapping" that much more.

If the applet complains:
Sometimes when loading is completed and you have begun hitting the key, it posts "can't connect to server" in the status line below the WWW browser.
In the event that this occurs, please just keep on hitting the key for a while. The RemoteApplause client begins by testing the servers that it is most familiar with and begins correspondence with the server that it can connect with first.

A brief explanation on how the applause reaches the stage:
The "applause" that is sent by the combined efforts of the key and applet are administered (or bundled) by different servers and forwarded on to the servers at the venue in real time, then launched and displayed on to the big screen on the stage as the letter "d". The more "applause" there is means that there are that many more "d"'s displayed on the screen. The higher the volume of applause means more excitement generated for the performers on the stage and the audience at the show.

So please, be prepared to send a BIG round of applause on 2/11!

Requirement for RemoteApplause:
Netscape Navigator 3.x or later
Internet Explorer 3.02 or later
An environment for viewing the RealVideo stream


Below is a brief summary explaining the technology of RemoteApplause( the name used in Japan was RemoteClaps) . This text was written when RemoteApplause was executed for the first time in Yokohama, Japan on January 23, 1997.

Creator, Remote Piano