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D&L Internet Live Concert
On November 30th the Internet will enable people all over the world to see,hear and experience artists Ryuichi Sakamoto and Daizaburo Harada 's art in real time.

Composer-musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and computer graphics artist Daizaburo Harada share a special interest in abandoning the use of traditional media for newer methods of communication. Their use of computer based technology throughout their entire careers has consistently expanded the boundaries of their respective art forms.

Responding to the accelerating technological developments of the past few years, Sakamoto and Harada have decided to explore the interface of music and the visual arts via a collaborative multi-media concert tour for Japan entitled D&L '95 for the Mitsubishi Electric Corporation concert series "Super Selection".

Sakamoto and Harada believe the Internet is the most sophisticated existing media form today, capable of overcoming the limitations of exhibiting or performing art in a set time, location and setting. This belief has led to the recent establishment of ILEA. Working with Japanese cutting edge cyber freaks, ILEA furthers the goal of broadcasting the fine arts via the Internet.

30th Sakamoto and Harada's D&L '95 concert will be broadcast worldwide live via the Internet with the help of Japanese commercial servers and software companies such as; M-Bone(for worldwide video & audio broadcast), Streamworks, Real Audio,Peephole, The WWW Page, Bekkoame, Rapid Systems, Atson and the ILEA team.

*ILEA is a non -profit organization and its activities are funded by private contributions.

Internet Live Experimental Association (ILEA)

 I N F O R M A T I O N
WhenNovember 30, 1995 18:00〜
WhereNippon Budokan
WhoInternet Live Experimental Association(ILEA)
Contributors/SupportersWIDE Project

D&L Live Production Crew,Kab Inc.,The Netshop Boys
PROMAX.,Shadow Entertainment

netFIVE Ltd.,Net One Systems Co;Ltd

TokyoInternet.,Bekkoame Internet
Rapid Systems

Mitsubishi Electoronics Co;Ltd

PressHiroshi Masuyama(The Netshop Boys)
Fax :03-5496-1646

 S T A F F S
ILEA Executive DirectorsRyuichi Sakamoto
Daizaburo Harada
ILEA Associate DirectorsNorika Sora
Hiroshi Masuyama
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ILEA Technical DirectorsMakoto Niimi
Naozumi Takenaka
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ILEA MemberYoshiyuki Isayama
Keisuke Uehara
Noriyuki Shigechika
Akihiro Tosaka
Akira Maruyama
Yusuke Doi
Toru Konno
Satoru Nezu
Tomohiro Shirai
Takeyuki Konishi
Kenji Yasaka
Jiro Yamada
Masanori Fujimura
Kunihiro Maeda
Nobuhiro Oishi
Yuji Sugiyama
Gosuke Takama
Takashi Sitou
Ryutaro Fujita
Akihiro Shirahashi
Tsuneaki Takeda
Mitsuhiro Nakagawara
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