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NO WAR Hits the shelves 12/20
Ryuichi Sakamoto and the members of Sustainability for Peace have put together a new book which is a must have for those of you looking to make sense of the current state of affairs in the world.

NO WAR is a collection of wide-ranging opinions and information from perspectives quite distinct from major media. The purpose of the book is to provide the reader with food for thought on how a peaceful world could be realized by “No War-- non-armed fighting”. Here, you find essays and commentaries of more than 50 authors from around the world as well as various information you cannot find elsewhere.

NO WAR will be available in Japan beginning December 20th from Gentosha. For much more information on the book, as well as important information about publicity appearances (which could include performances, hint hint!) please visit the official Sustainability for Peace website at http://www.sustainabilityforpeace.org/

Derrida Scheduled at Sundance
The documentary Derrida, featuring music by Ryuichi Sakamoto, is scheduled to be shown at The Sundance Film Festival 2002. The film's subject is postmodern philosopher Jacques Derrida and his theory of deconstruction. Read more about it at the Sundance Site

Sakamoto Scores Again (and Again and Again)
Good news for you film fans looking forward to 2002...here's some info about some upcoming films featuring music from Ryuichi Sakamoto:

Femme Fatale
Ryuichi has recently finished his work on the new Brian DePalma film "Femme Fatale." While release plans have not been confirmed, the film is expected to open in Europe in Spring 2002. Check out some of the studio shots here.

Alexei and the Spring
The new documentary film directed by Seiichi Motohashi, "Alexei and the Spring," has been completed with Ryuichi's music! Check the official web site of Seiichi Motohashi: http://www.ne.jp/asahi/polepole/times/sosna.htm
(Japanese Only)
The film is planned to open at:
2002, Jan 20-Feb 01 Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography
2002, Feb 02- BOX Higashi Nakano

Ryuichi's also hard at work on the music for the Jane Doe Films documentary, "Derrida," the first authorized look into the life of philosopher Jacques Derrida. "Derrida" will be part of the competition at this year's Sundance Film Festival, and will be shown at the festival on the following dates:
2002, Jan 12, 6:00 PM: World Premiere of "DERRIDA" at the Yarrow Theater
(Q&A following with Derrida and Filmmakers)
2002, Jan 13, 6:45 PM: Second Screening of "DERRIDA"
(Q&A to follow)
For more info, check out the film site at www.derridathemovie.com/

Basics Opens at Houston Ballet
Damian Schwiethale's first ballet, Basics, will be presented at the Houston Ballet through November 4th as part of the Cullen Contemporary Series. Basics, which examines the facets of love, features music from Sakamoto's release BTTB.

A former corps de ballet member, Schwiethale performed with Houston Ballet from September 1993 until June 2001. "Basics is comprised of three different pas de deux. It starts out with young love, then plastic love - that is, marrying for the wrong reason - and ends with true love," says Schwiethale.

More information about Basics and the Cullen Contemporary Series is available at the Houston Ballet's homepage.

Come Together A Night for John Lennon's Words & Music
Ryuichi Sakamoto will join Cyndi Lauper in a performance of The Beatles' "Strawberry Fields Forever" as part of Come Together A Night for John Lennon's Words & Music, which airs live on Tuesday, October 2nd at 800 PM EST. The concert will be telecast live from Radio City Music Hall on the WB broadcast and TNT cable networks, and will benefit many WTC-related relief organizations. The American Red Cross, the September 11th Fund, the International Association of Fire Fighters and the New York Fraternal Order of Police WTC Fund are among the beneficiaries. Originally, the concert was supposed to be a benefit for causes that preach nonviolence. Some of those charities - the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the Violence Policy Center - will also benefit.

The night's performers include Alanis Morissette, Dave Matthews, Stone Temple Pilots, Lou Reed, Marc Anthony, Nelly Furtado, Moby, Shelby Lynne, Yolanda Adams, Sean Lennon, Craig David, Rufus Wainwright and Billy Preston under the supervision of musical director Dave Stewart. So far, STP is scheduled to perform "Revolution"; Matthews, "In My Life"; Anthony, "Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds"; and Morissette, "Dear Prudence." Dustin Hoffman, Ben Stiller, Edie Falco, James Gandolfini, Julia Stiles, Tim Roth and Steve Buscemi have also signed on for the event as presenters with Kevin Spacey serving as the host of the evening.

More information about the program is available at www.tnt.tv .

Comments on The World Trade Center Disaster
Ryuichi comments on the World Trade Center disaster in Japan's Asahi Newspaper.

Casa Released In Japan
"Casa", the latest collaboration by Morelenbaum2/Sakamoto (Ryuichi with Jaques and Paula Morelenbaum) is now available in stores in Japan. Also, keep in mind the upcoming shows in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, and Yokohama. See details of this new recording below.

Sakamoto Lends Voice to Space Show, Passport to the Universe
The American Museum of Natural History in NYC has opened the Rose Center for Earth and Space, which features a redesigned Hayden Planetarium. The Hayden Planetarium includes a state-of-the-art Space Theater where Space Shows of unparalleled sophistication can be seen. The inaugural Space Show, Passport to the Universe, narrated by Tom Hanks, offers viewers a 3-D tour of the universe, where they will seem to "fly" through a scientifically accurate virtual recreation of our galaxy and beyond. The cutting-edge technology that makes this possible includes a customized one-of-a-kind Zeiss Starr Projector, the most advanced in the world, and a Digital Dome System, which in essence makes the Space Theater the most powerful virtual reality simulator in the world.

The Museum is now reaching out to an international audience, and will offer translations of the Passport to the Universe program in a total of seven languages. The new translations will be available beginning June 28th, and feature the following narrators

English narrated by Tom Hanks
Spanish narrated by Ruben Blades
German narrated by Ute Lemper
French narrated by Jacques Pepin
Italian narrated by Alberto Angela
Portuguese narrated by Sonia Braga
Japanese narrated by Ryuichi Sakamoto

For more information about tickets for the Space Show, please visit http://www.amnh.org/rose/spaceshowtickets.html

Tokyo Shows Online Reservations Available
We have an important update for those of you interested in catching a Morelenbaum2/Sakamoto Tokyo performance (for those of you in other parts of the world, please be patient for future announcements about performances in your neck of the woods!). For All Tokyo Shows ONLY, Disk Garage will now accept priority reservations online until June 17th. Detailed information is available at http://www.diskgarage.co.jp/info/index.html

Morelenbaum2/Sakamoto Performances Announced
M2/S is pleased to announce that their first live performances together in support of their debut release, Casa, will kick off at the Akasaka ACT Theater in Tokyo on August 16th. Here's a look at the full schedule and ticket information:

Tickets on Sale Saturday, July 7th
Ticket Information Line Disk Garage 81-03-5436-9600

8/16 Tokyo, Japan Akasaka ACT Theater
8/17 Tokyo, Japan Akasaka ACT Theater
Doors 1930, Show 2000

8/18 Tokyo, Japan Akasaka ACT Theater
1st Show Doors 1330, Show 1400
2nd Show Doors 1730, Show 1800

8/19 Tokyo, Japan Akasaka ACT Theater
1st Show Doors 1330, Show 1400
2nd Show Doors 1730, Show 1800

8/21 Tokyo, Japan Akasaka ACT Theater
8/22 Tokyo, Japan Akasaka ACT Theater
8/23 Tokyo, Japan Akasaka ACT Theater
Doors 1930, Show 2000

Tickets on Sale Friday, July 20th
Ticket Information Line Sunday Folk 81-052-320-9100

8/26 Nagoya, Japan Nagoya Shimin Kaikan
Doors 1730, Show 1800

Tickets on Sale t/b/a
Ticket Information Line Kyodo Osaka 81-06-6233-8888

8/27 Osaka, Japan Osaka Festival Hall
8/28 Osaka, Japan Osaka Festival Hall
Doors 1815, Show 1900

Tickets on Sale Saturday, July 7th
Ticket Information Line Disk Garage 81-03-5436-9600

8/30 Yokohama, Japan Kanagawa Kenmin Hall
Doors 1830, Show 1900

That's no 'Quake, It's the Teatro Crowd!
The show known as “Gilberto Gil & Ryuichi Sakamoto, convidados do Quarteto Jobim Morelenbaum," is underway at the Teatro Alfa in So Paulo, Brazil. The first two performances have received rave reviews, and more good times are expected for the remaining performances on Saturday and Sunday. The shows have been a celebration of the life and music of Antonio Carlos Jobim, and it's clear that those in attendance love the music and sure know how to celebrate. The Teatro management reports that they are shocked that the normally reserved Teatro audience has been behaving more like a raucous football crowd. We're happy to report that there have been no injuries!

The performances feature various combinations of the artists involved throughout the night, including Sakamoto's first chance to perform with Gilberto Gil in a moving piano/guitar performance of Dro. The performance offers a sneak preview of what fans can expect from M2+S as Paula, Jaques, and Ryuichi tear through some numbers from their forthcoming release "Casa." The show also features the first Brazilian performances of Aqua and Energy Flow from BTTB, which has just been released in Brazil. Brazilian fans and media have shown great interest in the Zero Landmine campaign, and are enjoying the live solo piano and cello version of Zero Landmine performed by Jaques and Ryuichi each night.

Gil, Sakamoto, and the Jobim-Morelenbaums have also been busy on the town with a much talked about appearance on legendary Brazilian entertainer J Soares' Programa do J, and a post-show celebration at the opening of Jini. We'd also like to salute our fan from Japan who shocked the Teatro Alfa by heading down to Brazil for all four performances! It's not too late to join the fun......2 shows left!

Teatro Alfa

Poster for the upcoming Teatro Alfa performances in Brazil. Click to view larger version.

"Zero Landmine" Review
Review of "Zero Landmine" in Japan Times Online:


"Zero Landmine" #1 Single in Japan
The new single "Zero Landmine" from N.M.L. (No More Landmine) is the #1 single in Japan for the 2nd straight week. You can still check out the show's site at http://www.tbs.co.jp/zero for updates about the ongoing fundraising efforts.

Zero Landmine Tops Charts/Program Set to Re-Air
In just 2 weeks out, the new single Zero Landmine performed by a collection of artists from around the world known as N.M.L. (No More Landmine) has found itself in the #1 spot on Japan's Oricon singles chart. Proceeds from the sale of the CD will benefit landmine removal efforts. The program the music was written for, Aiming for Zero Landmines, will also be shown two more times in Japan for those of you who missed it the first time around. A special 1 1/2 hour edited version of the program will be shown on TBS, Channel 6 only in the Kanto District in Japan on May 27th at 3:30 PM, and on TBS-BS network on June 3rd at 1:30 PM. Be sure to tune in and see the live performance of Zero Landmine. For those of you in other parts of the world, don't worry, we hope to bring this special program and CD to your country in the near future.

Sakamoto Records with New Unit
Paula Morelenbaum, once a vocalist in Antonio Carlos Jobim’s “Nova Banda,” wife of Nova Banda member, Jobim producer, and frequent Sakamoto collaborator Jaques Morelenbaum, and mother of recent Sakamoto collaborator Dora, has had an idea for a new project for about five years now. Recently the time was right for Paula to bring Jaques and Ryuichi into the new unit known as Morelenbaum2/Sakamoto. With the recording plans set, M2S first had an opportunity to take the stage together informally at the end of Sakamoto’s recent European tour for an unannounced jam session in the lobby of London’s Great Eastern Hotel.

M2S got together again in January in Rio to record a collection of some of the lesser-known beautiful pieces written by Antonio Carlos “Tom” Jobim. Thanks to the generosity of Jobim’s family, the group had the honor to record in the most inspiring setting imaginable, the study of Tom Jobim. As if that wasn’t enough, the setting provided the ultimate perk, it enabled Sakamoto to record the album on Jobim’s piano. M2S recently gathered in NYC to complete the mixing of the currently untitled album.

The album is set to be released in Japan by Warner Music on July 25th, with Japan tour dates expected near the end of the summer. Worldwide release plans and tour dates are currently in the works, and will be announced as soon as possible.

Ryuichi on Digital Art Selection Committee
Ryuichi is on the selection committee for ``Canon Creators Contest 2001,'' the second annual competition that encourages creative artists to explore new directions in digital visual expression. See http://www.canon.com/cdcc/ for details.

Comments on Zero Landmine Project
Ryuichi comments on the Zero Landmine project (announced below)

Aiming For Zero Landmines Project Underway
On April 30, 2001, Tokyo Broadcasting System (TBS) will air a special program entitled "Aiming for Zero Landmines The First Prayer of the 21st Century" as part of their 50th Anniversary celebration. In addition to educating the public about the horrible landmine problem we face, the program will also help raise money for the actual removal of landmines. Ryuichi Sakamoto has joined the cause as the music producer for the program. Sakamoto is currently writing a special piece of music for the program that will eventually feature musical contributions from artists from around the world. Sakamoto just returned from a visit to the landmine-torn country of Mozambique for field recordings with local musicians, and a chance for a firsthand look at the ongoing landmine removal effort there.

The music created for the program will be released in CD form in Japan by Warner Music on April 25th. All proceeds from the sale of the CD will go directly to landmine removal efforts. Some artists who have already contributed to the music include David Sylvian, Waldemar Bastos, Jaques Morelenbaum, Brian Eno, Ustad Sultan Khan, Kraftwerk, and Talvin Singh. Stay tuned for more news about artists contributing to the project.

In the meantime, please visit http://www.tbs.co.jp/zero/ for more information about the program.

Sakamoto & Friends Live in Brazil
Four special concerts have been announced for “Gilberto Gil & Ryuichi Sakamoto, convidados do Quarteto Jobim Morelenbaum," in Sao Paulo, Brazil on May 24, 25, 26 & 27 2001 at Teatro Alfa. More information is available at the theater website, www.teatroalfa.com.br

Barney's Window Pics Online
Photos of the Ryuichi Sakamoto display at Barney's, Christmas, 2000.


Sakamoto Gets Eclectic on April 3rd
"Sounds Eclectic," a collection of some of the best live performances of 2000 on KCRW's acclaimed 3 hour morning program, "Morning Becomes Eclectic," will be released in the US on April 3rd. Hosted by Nic Harcourt, Morning Becomes Eclectic is also broadcast online at www.KCRWmusic.com, and more than 6,000 hours of archived "Sound Eclectic" material can be heard at www.soundseclectic.com. Here's a look at the track listing for the upcoming release

Yo-Yo Ma, "Prelude Bach Cello Suite #1 in G-Major"
Badly Drawn Boy, "Magic in the Air"
Beck, "Lonesome Whistle"
David Gray, "Babylon"
Supreme Beings of Leisure, "Never the Same"
Bebel Gilberto, "August Day Song"
Willie Nelson, "Healing Hands of Time"
Travis, "Driftwood"
Neil Finn, "Throw Your Arms Around Me"
Shivaree, "Goodnight Moon"
Stars, "Going, Going, Gone"
The Dandy Warhols, "Country Leaver"
Patti Smith, "Wing"
Ryuichi Sakamoto, "Energy Flow"

Sakamoto Column in Sotokoto
The next installment of Ryuichi Sakamoto's montly column is out now in Sotokoto. Sotokoto is a magazine dedicated to issues related to conservation and the environment, but to their credit, the magazine spares the reader from the usual blandness of these types of publications. You can check out the mag's site at http://www.nifty.com/SOTOKOTO/

David Sylvian's Everything and Nothing In Stores
Virgin's new David Sylvian collection, which Rolling Stone has called "an illuminating two-CD compilation" is in stores now. The release features collaborations with Robert Fripp, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Bill Frisell, among others. Check out the full review in the latest issue of Rolling Stone (with J-Lo on the cover), or online at http://www.rollingstone.com/recordings/review.asp?aid=919064

New Code Publication "Africa Note" Available
Code has a new publication on the street entitled "Africa Note" by Ryuichi Sakamoto. Africa Note looks like the journal that Sakamoto might have left behind on the plane after a recent safari in Kenya, and is complete with notes, thoughts, sketches, photos, and other items from the journey. The title is currently only available in Japanese. More information is available at http://www.code-re.com/ or info-code@code-re.com .

Sakamoto Featured in Film Music Screencraft
Mark Russell and James Young have a new book out entitled "Film Music Screencraft," which profiles 13 film composers, and gets the story behind the creation of some of their best known scores. Screencraft takes a look at the film work of Bernard Herrmann, Elmer Bernstein, Maurice Jarre, Jerry Goldsmith, John Barry, Lalo Schifrin, Michael Nyman, Gabriel Yared, Philip Glass, Howard Shore, Danny Elfman, Zbigniew Preisner, and Ryuichi Sakamoto. The book, which is packaged with a CD of some of the featured music, is availble from Amazon.com and more information is available at www.rotovision.com.

New Store at Sitesakamoto
The doors are open at our new store at www.sitesakamoto.com/store. Through a partnership with musictoday.com, you can now order official Ryuichi Sakamoto merchandise online or through a special toll free number. Swing by the store and check out everything from hats and t's to messenger bags and our official road crew tour work shirt.

CDs Available
Sakamoto's original motion picture soundtrack for Nagisa Oshima's latest film Gohatto is now available in the US from Milan/BMG. Both the film and the soundtrack have been released under the title "Taboo" in the US.
Buy it

Ryuichi Sakamoto's L.O.L./Lack of Love CD is in stores in Japan now. Originally created for a game of the same name, now you can enjoy the musical experience and create your own visuals with the new CD available from Warner Music Japan.
Read the liner notes - an interview with Ryuichi about the music of L.O.L.:
English  |  Japanese



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