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what's new - 1997

A special lecture by Ryuichi Sakamoto entitled "music on the Internet"
at "Internet Conference '97" on Dec.17th in Yokohama.

BOOK+CD-EXTRA on sale on December 15,1997
(Available only in Japan)
Published by IMPRESS

12/4 the release
of "Ryuichi Sakamoto Playing the Orchestra "f" live concert on video & laser Disc (For Life/gut)
available only in Japan

Check out Ryuichi Sakamoto's interview
on "hot wired" http://www.hotwired.co.jp/matrix/ !
(Only available on Japanese)

11/1 SKMT DJ debut
at Stephen Sprouse spring '98 fashion show

MPIXIPM : Ryuichi Sakamoto & Toshio Iwai 1997
A new series of concerts by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Toshio Iwai using piano and computers. The performance will include experiments with broadcasting MIDI Streaming Data via Yamaha Network - 12/22 YAMAHA MIDI LIVE URL:http://www.yamaha.co.jp/xg/
The concert will also be broadcast live via the Internet at URL:http://www.kab.com/mpi/
Remote Piano Installation @ICC URL:http://www.ntticc.or.jp/piano/index_j.html
Concert dates at the The Garden Hall/Ebisu:
12/19(fri)~25(thu) 18:30
open/19:00 start
Matinee shows: *21(sun),23(tue) :14:00 open / 14:30 start)
Tickets available now ON-LINE : http://www.e-ticket.net/
Tickets are also available (only in Japan) from :
Ticket Pia:03-5237-9999,
For further information, contact :

10/25 the release of " Kimi Ni Hoshiga Furu"
Produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto
new single (East West Japan)
available only in Japan

10/8 the release of "Tokyo Biyori"
M-12 produced by Taeko Onuki & Ryuichi Sakamoto
new soundtrack (Toshiba EMI Ltd: Japan)
available only in Japan

10/8 the release of "Himawari"
written by Taeko Onuki
arranged by Ryuichi Sakamoto
computer programming and piano by Ryuichi Sakamoto
new single (Toshiba EMI Ltd: Japan)
available only in Japan

Sitesakamoto has been awarded
the Asahi Digital Entertainment Award of Individual Excellence in the Network category for his ground breaking Internet live broadcast of the Yokohama performance of his Japan tour, Playing the Orchestra 1997 "f".

Sitesakamoto has been awarded
the INTERNET SERVICE AWARD from Nikkei Net Navi.

Sakamoto & Toshio Iwai will attend the Prix Ars Electronica Award Ceremony in Linz,
Austria to receive the Golden Nica Award for Interactive Arts for "Music Plays Images x Images Plays Music". They will perform the piece, "Music Plays Images x Images Plays Music" on September 9th at the ORF. (Presently, Toshio Iwai is constructing a web-site to record this event. )

"DISCORD": featuring the most recent composition,"Untitled 01"
"DISCORD": featuring the most recent composition,"Untitled 01" by Ryuichi Sakamoto performed in 1/97 at Yokohama Arena, Japan. composed by Ryuichi Sakamoto conducted by Yutaka Sado performed by "The Orchestra" led by Fuminori Shinozaki, David Torn, DJ Spooky and Ryuichi Sakamoto on piano new cd-e available for PC/Windows & MAC (ForLife/gutRecords: Japan) available in Japan 7/2

Toshio Iwai and Ryuichi Sakamoto have been awarded
the International Jury with the Golden NICA for Interactive Art in this years Prix Ars Electronica competition of computer arts.

6/6 the release of "Lucy" by Taeko Onuki
tracks 1-5,9 & 10 produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto
tracks 6 & 7 produced by Arto Lindsay
track 8 produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto & Arto Lindsay
new album (Toshiba EMI Ltd.: Japan)
available only in Japan

announcing the launch of "Listening to People,"
a new site created by Sakamoto. Find out what those in-the-know have to say about the future of the Internet and digital technologies. Featured interviewees: Yasuhisa Arakawa,President,Silicon Graphics, Japan; Kouichiro Eto,Graduate of Keio University,Japan; Susumu Furukawa,CEO,Microsoft,Japan; Nobuyuki Idei,CEO,Sony Corporation; Naozumi Takenaka,CTO,Dabb.

the release of Smoochy worldwide
CD in stores February 25th : US and International market from BMG/Milan Records
We are happy to announce the official opening of the exclusive Smoochy home page on February 15th

We are also happy to announce the release of two new tracks by Sakamoto from gut records :
"The Other Side of Love/Sakamoto featuring Sister M"
new single (For Life/gut Records: Japan)
available only in Japan

"Sunano No Kajitsu" Miki Nakatani
new single (For Life /gut Records: Japan)
available on March 21st only in Japan

gut records also annouces the release on February 20th of an original soundtrack album composed by Sakamoto for Yomiuri TV Japan's drama series entitled , "Stalker: Nigekirenu Ai".
new album (For Life/gut records: Japan)
available only in Japan

composed and conducted by Sakamoto for the Opening Ceremony of the 1992 Barcelona Olympics.
new maxi single (gutbounce: Japan)
in stores in Japan now.

live from tokyo -- Ryuichi Sakamoto Playing the Orchestra "f"
(January 23rd) sakamoto`s live performance at Yokohama Arena in Japan will be broadcast live on the Internet.

1997 begins with a Japan tour entitled
Ryuichi Sakamoto Playing the Orchestra 1997 f.


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