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what's new - 1996

[music plays images X images play music]
On December 16th, there will be a concert titled "MUSIC PLAYS IMAGES x IMAGES PLAY MUSIC" at Art Tower Mito in Ibaragi prefecture.?@With two artists, Ryuichi Sakamoto and Toshio Iwai using a piano and computers, a new generation of visual and sound will be performed. The performance will be broadcasted live on the Internet by a support of Internet World Expo'96. Other than the usual live broadcast, there will be a MIDI transmission of Ryuichi Sakamoto's performance via Internet to a MIDI piano on the remote end, and a remote control of MIDI piano in Art Tower Mito by users on the Internet.

Red Hot + Rio
Red Hot + Rio, a new album featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto with Caetano Veloso and Cesaria Evora, pays tribute to the father of bossa nova, Antonio Carlos Jobim. This hot new release (Antilles/Verve, Polygram distribution worldwide) is the latest of the AIDS-benefit albums produced by the Red Hot Organization. Available in stores now!

sakamoto launches gut-bounce records in Japan.
gut/ForLife records and Tower Records Japan's bounce label join forces to create a new indies label called gut-bounce.
Check here for news of exciting upcoming releases.

sakamoto is launching PEEPHOLE

ryuichi has finished to produce 7 tracks of Taeko Onuki's forthcoming album. Expected to be released Spring 1997 in Japan.

live from tokyo
(August 28th) sakamoto's live performance at Orchard Hall in Tokyo was broadcast live on the Internet.

08/21/1996 by Sakamoto
new maxi single (ForLife/gut Records: Japan) in stores in Japan now.

live from london
(July 26th) sakamoto's live performance at London's Royal Festival Hall was broadcast live on the Internet. The RealAudio file and gif images from the event.

The live broadcast was made possible by the generous support of Mitsubishi/Apricot UK.

the trio world tour 1996
Sakamoto has successfully ended his tour of the world.
A message from Sakamoto

Passages from Ryuichi Sakamoto's private journal of the Trio World Tour[Japanese][English]
An excerpt on '1996' from 'Ronza' magazine written by Aquirax Asada. [Japanese] [English]

summerstage `96
June 23 Ryuichi performed at Summerstage `96 with Caetano Veloso, Jaques Morelenbaum, Marcelo Costa, Vinicius Cantuaria, Arto Lindsay and Everton Nelson.

1996 TOUR on-line
June 16th 10p.m. (N.Y.) Live on-line from the Knitting Factory We would like to thank all the people who helped us out to make this project possible.
Check here for Streamworks broadcast stills

transcript from America Online chat with Ryuichi Sakamoto on 6/13

the release of "1996" CD
CD in stores: United States, June 4th: Japan, May 17th: Europe, So. America(Milan Records: US and International market) (ForLife/gut Records: Japan) preview music video of "1919" (album track 5)directed by Robert Bergman-Ungar

Miki Nakatani "Shokumotsu-Rensa"
new album (ForLife/gut Records: Japan)
produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto
in stores in Japan now

gut on-line
Sakamoto's new radio program in Japan

Global Clock
check out kab.com's GlobalClock server. Can you find us ? The GlobalClock project received honorable mention for use of VRML in the WWW category at the Prix Ars Electronica.

5/24 Guest Lecture at Keio University SFC
Streamworks broadcast lecture stills link to Streamworks broadcast PowerPoint documents from lecture

Miki Nakatani "Mind Circus"
CD SINGLE (For Life/gut, Japan)
produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto
in stores in Japan now

Arto Lindsay "Mundo Civilizado"
CD (ForLife/gut, Japan)
in stores in Japan now
Arto's Japan tour schedule

Ryuichi Sakamoto "D&L Live at Budokan 11.30.95"
video and Laser Disc (ForLife/gut, Japan)
produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto
in stores in Japan now

photo reportage of Ryuichi Sakamoto
photographs by Kazunali Tajima
art Direction: Hideki Nakajima
published by Little More
126 pages

a writer's sonata; a musician's story Ryuichi's dreams form the motifs for Ryu's literary compositions. written by Ryu Murakami & Ryuichi Sakamoto published by Shinchosha 189 pages selected passages(Japanese only)

Kenny Wen
8/5 the release of "Flower Is Not A Flower" (Oriental Ghost/BMG)
2 tracks from the album produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto


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