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The Japan Times - Ryuichi Sakamoto delves into cities and nature at Sapporo International Art Festival
The Japan times has printed an article with good information about the
Sapporo International Arts Festival 2014 (7/19 - 9/28), it's program's and events.

Learn more about the festival's programs, intentions, and Sakamoto's involvement
in the well written article here

Please note, there are a few corrections to the information in the article:
• Curator Ms. Shihoko Iida is focused on two main museum exhibitions; 'City and Nature',
Fujiko Nayaka's fog sculpture, and other exhibits.
• Fujiko Nayaka's fog sculpture will be installed at the Sapporo Art Museum, not in a public park.
• Curator Ms. Yukiko Shikata is focused on the media arts including: 'Sensing Streams',
'Forest Symphony', and 'Art X Life', as well as other exhibits.
• The 'Stop Rokkasho' campaign's aim was to close a nuclear re-processing plant in
Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture, not in Tokai, Ibaraki Prefecture.

Park Hyatt 20th Anniversary Commemoration - TIMELESS PASSION
Ryuichi Sakamoto has created a new piece of music to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the Park Hyatt Tokyo titled 'TIMELESS'.

There will be a special performance on the 52nd floor at the Park Hyatt's 'New York Grill' on July 30th 2014 featuring Ryuichi Sakamoto (Piano), Jaques Morelenbaum (Cello), Judy Kang (Violin), and special guest Paula Morelenbaum (Vocals).

Tickets to the event have been sold out however 1000 limited edition photo book + CD (including Sakamoto's 'TIMELESS') will be exclusively available at the Park Hyatt's 1st floor delicatessen and online shop begining July 31st 2014.




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