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The Japan Times - Ryuichi Sakamoto delves into cities and nature at Sapporo International Art Festival
The Japan times has printed an article with good information about the
Sapporo International Arts Festival 2014 (7/19 - 9/28), it's program's and events.

Learn more about the festival's programs, intentions, and Sakamoto's involvement
in the well written article here

Please note, there are a few corrections to the information in the article:
• Curator Ms. Shihoko Iida is focused on two main museum exhibitions; 'City and Nature',
Fujiko Nayaka's fog sculpture, and other exhibits.
• Fujiko Nayaka's fog sculpture will be installed at the Sapporo Art Museum, not in a public park.
• Curator Ms. Yukiko Shikata is focused on the media arts including: 'Sensing Streams',
'Forest Symphony', and 'Art X Life', as well as other exhibits.
• The 'Stop Rokkasho' campaign's aim was to close a nuclear re-processing plant in
Rokkasho, Aomori Prefecture, not in Tokai, Ibaraki Prefecture.



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