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Africa in the Image of Ryuichi Sakamoto


A new media "DVD BOOK"
presented by Sokotoko in collaboration with TBS

The concept of this "DVD book" is to present a novel, the story of Ryuichi Sakamoto's experiences in Africa. This journey explores many brilliant creations as shown by Ryuichi Sakamoto as he directs the action in this quest for answers to many timely questions. This will be the first release of this new media format known as the DVD BOOK.

Special features of this DVD book include:
  • Original footage filmed on location in Africa.
  • Music especially written for this project by Ryuichi Sakamoto.
  • Packaged in a simple yet elegantly designed box!
  • Includes a 52 page book as well as two DVD discs.
  • Special orders and promotions available with TBS television and J-wave.
Date on sale: 2002/4/29
Produced: TBS, Kirakusya, Space Link
Sales agency: Kirakusya,
Price: ¥9,700(including tax)

Ryuichi Sakamoto
"I absolutely disagree that music exists only to 'heal' people; yet I am troubled by the question of whether, when faced with someone who has been wounded, music can really do anything more than heal," says Ryuichi Sakamoto, who couldn't play the piano after the events of September 11th in New York. Sakamoto found answers to may of these questions throughout his experiences in Africa, which helped him create new melodies of love. Several new pieces of music, which were especially written throughout the course of this project, have been recorded for inclusion in the DVD Book.

Beginning in New York, surrounded by the devastation at "Ground Zero," Ryuichi Sakamoto travels to Africa, birthplace of the human race, to find answers and look for evidence about the about the origins of the current state of chaos in the world. He visited the excavation sight of first Pithecanthropus erectus and interviewed scholars researching the birth of the human race. Why are we so aggressive? The war against terrorism is a so called "historical turning point," so what must human beings learn? Is it possible to go back to our roots as an intelligent human race?


To The Past (DVD 1)
Interview with Meave Leakey
Australopithecus anamensis was the first bipedalism; the anthropoid. This segment includes a discussion about the mysteries of the origins of the human race with Meave Leakey, who's researching the Australopithecus anamensis.

This segment highlights a visit to Turkana, and explores the nature, desolate landscapes, and lifestyle of the inhabitants of Turkana. A great deal of research activity has been conducted in the severe natural conditions of this region. Before desertification, which was caused by the movement of the plates, this area was green. This segment concludes with a discussion of the evolution of our ancestors under such conditions.

Music video 1
This section features music composed and performed by Ryuichi Sakamoto along with the great landscape of Turkana as visual accompaniment.

To The Future (DVD 2)

Interview with Joyce Pool
Ryuichi Sakamoto interviews Joyce Pool, who's researching the ecology of the African elephant. Here Sakamoto once again considers human life, but this time through a comparison with the lives of elephants, which are also known as intelligent animals.

Next Sakamoto visited the village of Masai, where he enjoyed close interaction with its people. This segment introduces the beautiful landscape of Masai, the physical ability of the people in Masai to live with nature, explores their culture which is full of the wisdom to live, as well as the Masai's views toward equality of the sexes. Sakamoto brought a piano with him to the village, and provided many children with their first glimpse of the instrument. This was a magical experience for everyone involved.

Ryuichi Sakamoto discusses the information he acquired in Africa. Why did the human first stand up on their legs? What did we lose once we began to walk on two legs? What did we gain? He also talks about what we should learn and what kind of philosophy we should adopt in order to live during this turning point in history the human race is now facing.

Music video 2
A harmony of beautiful melodies and magnificent pictures takes the viewer from the origin of the human race forward to the future.

This new media not only utilizes the power of the traditional DVD to provide information and serve as a useful reference tool through the presentation of film and sound, but this product also includes still pictures and sentences. While watching the main theme, the viewer is able to learn more about characters, localities, animals, and cultures with the addition of still pictures and descriptions shown on the screen.

Outline: House DVD discs in a separate volume of monthly Sokotoko in deluxe box.
Out look: Specialized A4 size
Booklet: Cover 4 pages, text 48 pages, and total 52 pages. Color
File: House 2discs (as it shown in the image)
Paper: fine quality-cording paper
Cover: fitted in a box

2.Video Tape and booklet
(* On sale at the same time with DVD BOOK)
Outline: Video Tape and booklet are packed in the same box.
Pages: Cover 4 pages + text 64 pages total 68 pages. Color
Paper: fine quality-cording paper
Cover: fitted in a box

Item can be purchased in bookstores and CD shops throughout the country and via the Internet. "Elephantism" can also be ordered 24 hours a day through the TBS video service:0120-68-1173 (for 24 hours)
http://dvdbook.net (Official home page)
http://dvdbook.net/i (i mode)

Subscription sales begin March 18th (Mon)
Subscription receptionist:
TBS video service 0120-68-1173 (Open for 24 hours)
http://dvdbook.net (Official home page)
http://dvdbook.net/i (i mode)
Advance orders will also be accepted in famous bookstores and CD shops across the whole country.

Advance Order Campaign
Those who place their order between March 18th and April 17th (up to 24:00) will automatically be entered to win some amazing prizes.

<privilege 1>
"The African Tour" This magnificent prize will earn one lucky winner a very special trip for two. The tour invites you to the Mpata Safari Club, the only Five Star Lodge in Africa! You'll find a superb view of the Savannah from the outdoor Jacuzzi, a spot Ryuichi Sakamoto enjoyed fully in this visit to Africa.

<privilege 2>
25 lucky winners will receive original goods personally autographed by Ryuichi Sakamoto. 25 people will receive items personally selected and autographed by Ryuichi Sakamoto on location in Africa.

Payment of goods: C.O.D. (where accepted) or credit card.
In accordance with a general sale day, the DVD Book will be sent to all customers who have placed their order by April 17th for arrival on the release date. Customers who place their order after April 17th, can expect to receive shipment in two weeks.
No returns accepted once packages are opened.

Official Home Page: http://dvdbook.net

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