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SorryEverybody.com CD Available Now
One of our favorite websites to launch in the past year was Sorryeverybody.com, which was launched by 20 year old USC student James Zetlen as an outlet for Americans to express their disappointment about the political situation in our country and how it will affect people around the world for the next four years.

Sorryeverybody.com has become a phenomenon; it has received more than 80 million hits since its launch, millions of people around the world continue to visit the site, and the site has received widespread media attention, including mentions in Time magazine and on CNN.

We have been fortunate enough to team up with sorryeverybody.com to create a musical companion to the site, Sorryeverybody.com Vol. 1. This companion compilation brings together a group of many amazing artists of varied styles who were already getting these important messages out there on their own in this thought-provoking compilation. Please take some time to check out these artists as well, because many are working hard to raise money and awareness for many important causes - in addition to making great music! The CD track list is:

World View: "The Right Decision"
d_Cyphernauts: "Questions"
Orange Park: "Make up your Mind"
The Hourlys: "The Act"
Man on Earth: "The Great Discontent"
Hungry March Band: "Disco Bhangra"
David Rovics: "Who Would Jesus Bomb"
Free Radicals: "Fresh Air"
dada: "Dizz Knee Land"
The Simple Things: "Set An Example"
The Prince Myshkins: "Mimi LaValley and 100 Nuns"
Antibalas: "NESTA"

The Sorryeverybody.com compilation is also available for download from the iTunes Music Store.

There is also a new Sorry Everybody book out which compiles many of the images found on the site, as well as many published for the first time. Additional information about the book is also available from Hylas Publishing.

Media Alert: Chasm
Hot on the heels of its US release, Chasm is earning rave reviews:

Las Vegas City Life: Ryuichi Sakamoto's latest album, Chasm, exhibits a musical aesthetic that seamlessly blends classical composition, modern electronic and traditional Asian instrumentation with a Zen-like philosophy, all in a rather overt effort to lull the listener into a state of ecstatic contemplation.

IGN: Sakamoto creates an album of stunning diversity that proves to be an early front-runner for one of the year's best albums...So if there's any chasm that remains after hearing this timeless, gap-bridging, genre-spanning album, it's between Sakamoto and the hordes of artists trying to keep up with his kaleidoscopic talent.

Music Connection: Sakamoto takes his art to new levels and makes his music contemporary, fresh, and important. With tunes that have echoes of Charlie Parker and Kid Koala, this is a sophisticated electronic album that fits into almost every genre of music you can think of.

Also, look for an interview with Ryuichi in the April Respect column of Remix Magazine.

Derrida: Screenplay and Essays on the Film Out 3/28
Derrida: Screenplay and Essays on the Film will be released March 28th, and is available for order online now.

"Witty and affectionate, while repeatedly exploring the nature of cinema, identity, and even of questions themselves, DERRIDA follows Jacques Derrida from his work to his home as the filmmakers search for the "Derrida" that can be captured on film.

This beautifully produced oversize volume presents the complete text of Derrida, along with an extensive interview with Jacques Derrida and introductory essays by the filmmakers and by Nicholas Royle."

In the US, pre-orders can be placed with Routledge Press for both a cloth bound version, or a paper bound version. You can also order by phone by calling 1-800-634-7064 or +1-859-525-2230 for international callers.

The book will be oublished in the UK by Manchester University Press.

The Derrida DVD and soundtrack CD are both available as well.

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