Click on the link below to view the Remote Piano page. The Real Video plugin is embeded within the image of the piano.

By clicking the grid above the piano you will be placing points on the grid, these points are the sound patterns you are creating. The spindle represents the time axel, the cross axel represents volume frequency. You are allowed the placement of one point per cross axel. Clicking on any point you have created will delete it.

By pressing the send button, you will be sending the data of the pattern you have created on the grid (by placing the points on the grid) onto the piano on the stage. Your data will "play" the piano on the stage.

By clicking the keyoboard of the piano displayed on the screen you can change the octave.

Pressing the clear button will clear all the points on the grid.

-After clicking the send button, it should take approximately 20-30 seconds to send the message, depending on your connection speed. RemotePiano's data is transmitted instantaneously, but Real Video's transmission takes a bit more time.

-You can press the send button repeatedly. During this time, the information is pooled, before being sent. Even as the information is being sent the grid's appearance may change. You may also use the space bar instead of the send button, to send the information.

Internet Explorer --- Version 3.0 or higher

Netscape --- Version 3.0 or higher

Plugins you will need:
RealPlayer --- Version 5.0 or higher

Information for Macintosh users:
Mac users can also use Remote Piano. Unfortunately, due to a RealPlayer plugin bug, the screen may occasionally seem distorted. Prior experience tells us that Navigator 3.0(?) works best.

Information for those using Netscape Communicator via Windows:
Using Netscape Communicator 4.04 to access Remote Piano may result in a Null Exception. Should this occur, clear the cache and reload. Also, Netscape 3.0 usually works best with Remote Piano.