After careful review and consideration of nearly 800 submissions and 675 eligible films, we are happy to announce the award winners.

As the competition closes

by Ryuichi Sakamoto
First of all, I want to say that I am deeply moved by the quantity and quality of the short films we received from all around the world. Imagining the sheer amount of time, effort, and passion that went into these works brings tears to my eyes. It was challenging beyond words to select just a few from all of these excellent submissions.

Initially, the quality and the technical achievements of so many of the entries impressed me. Combing through the videos, however, I eventually developed a guiding principle in order to evaluate the works: is the submission cinematic? Regardless of length, a short film is still a work of cinema. There is a difference between a cinematic short film and a high quality video simply set to music. On the other hand, regardless of quality or technical achievement, some submissions felt undeniably cinematic. Such works, I evaluated in a positive light. Of course, "cinematic" is a very subjective and personal feeling—it isn't universal. The only thing I can guarantee is that all of the things I felt were 100% genuine.

async is an incredibly fortunate album to have received so many films. I dedicate my deepest appreciation to all those who submitted to and participated in the competition. Thank you.

Ryuichi Sakamoto - async Award

In a Happy Place by Sandup Rongkup

Sandup Rongkup's film enchanted me. The image did not surrender to the music, nor did the music to the image―the film granted the music depth in meaning but also used the music to leap into transcendence. I wanted to share more time with these children on screen. I wanted to listen to the sound of the rain, the wind, I wanted to smell the earth and feel the moisture. The film made me want to join the children on that land.
- Ryuichi Sakamoto

Apichatpong Weerasethakul Award

Poetry of Banality by Mikhail Basov

I would like to congratulate all the filmmakers who have shared their creation with us. I was inspired by the different voices and talents. It was as if everyone had joined hands to create a single film with limitless palettes.

I was struck by Michael Basov’s Poetry of Banality. I appreciate the evocation of early cinema’s spirit in which simple gestures are marveled. One can imagine that the filmmaker was taking pleasure in hanging out, looking for images but found none but the flowers and a mobile phone. The seemingly purposeless mission turns into a poetry of love and of light addiction. This expression jumps between the composed and the candid, primitive and contemporary. Ryuichi’s tune conspires to make this film a light of loneliness.
- Apichatpong Weerasethakul

* In addition to serving as an advisor for Mikhail Basov’s next film project,
Apichatpong has offered to take an advisor role on Sandup Rongkup’s as well.

Audience Award

「処暑に満つ」(Shosho ni mitsu) by J.K.Wang Total Points: 124,776

Audience choice Top 10

  1. J.K.Wang
    Total Points: 124,776
  2. Julius Horsthuis
    Total Points: 72,878
  3. Kachi Chan
    Total Points: 56,744
  4. Mikhail Basov
    Total Points: 18,172
  5. Federico Casal
    Total Points: 15,566
  6. TOUATI Yaniv
    Total Points: 14,523
  7. Takatoshi Arai
    Total Points: 11,752
  8. Chien-An Yuan
    Total Points: 10,670
  9. Kentaro Kishi
    Total Points: 10,176
  10. Wong Fei Pang
    Total Points: 10,017