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In March, 2003, when the US invaded Iraq, I felt that I had to advocate peace over war, so I started this little web project.

Even though the 100,000-plus Iraqi civilian and the 3,000-plus US military lives lost to date can't be brought back, I want to keep this project alive and open until the war has ended, until peace comes to Iraq.

The idea is to chain musical pieces from one artist to another, like a chain letter.

The purpose is to musically mark the passage of time that Iraq is in a state of war, to mark the steps to peace, to take each day that there is war and build a musical memorial to the desire for peace as well as to mark off the time of war.

So far 35 artists have contributed their musical pieces, adding on to the existing work vertically as well as horizontally, overlaying or extending the existing creation.

There are no rules how to contribute musically, except that the contributor must not eliminate any of the existing music as he or she adds to it, because the existing music is the result of the artistic contribution of the other artists.

Mar 2010


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